The Body Happiness Program

The Surprising Approach for Getting Happy with your Body,

Regardless of Diet or Exercise.

Let me guess...

You’ve done the diets and forced yourself to the gym.

You’ve been told (and believe) you have to either diet or exercise in order to get happy with your body.

Having tried that you now feel like a failure. Secretly, your are really tired of fighting your body. 

You simply want to feel better about how your body looks, feels and acts.

"IF ONLY I had more willpower."

"I know what to do IF ONLY I would do it."

Let me be clear. You  aren't broken or a failure, you've simply tried the wrong approach.

If you want to feel healthy, happy and satisfied with your body you need a new approach, instead of the tired, worn out routine of eat less and exercise harder.

The answer to feeling better in your body really starts when you create a healthy relationship with your body.

"A relationship with my body?" Huh?

....keep reading....


Uncover habits and harmful thoughts that leave you stuck so you can break the cycle of self-sabotage. 


Decipher your thoughts and feelings so that you can enjoy "the now" and spend less time worrying in your head.


Discover how to listen to your body so you can joyfully move and condition it and feel more ease.


Hi there, I'm Jill.

I created Body Happiness out of my three decades of experience:

  • As a fitness instructor helping bodies look better;
  • A post-rehab personal trainer helping bodies recover and heal better;
  • And as a somatic educator helping people feel better in their bodies.

 I’m guessing you’re looking for a change. 

You are tired of diets and sick of dragging yourself to the gym. 

But you still dream of being happy with your body.

And when you look for answers all you see is “change your diet and exercise more”.

Well, you’ve likely already tried that. Once, maybe twice (or 30 times). In the US we spend over 80 BILLION dollars, annually, on trying to lose weight and exercise. Yet our rates of obesity and chronic illness continue to rise.

Clearly, diet and exercise as a formula aren’t working--not for you, not for most people.

Which is why I created a refreshing approach teaching a combination of mindset, mindfulness and movement (nope, not exercise!)

Welcome to Body Happiness!


Body Happiness Course

Each week dive into a new chapter:

  • Discover what getting happy with your body means to you so you know what you want.
  • Evaluate what may be getting in your way.
  • Question--Are YOU getting in your way of your body happiness?
  • Develop a relationship-mindset with your body so you cultivate more body love.
  • Examine your mind, body, emotions and soul and how they interplay.
  • Recognize your Body Archetype and how it sabotages you.
  • Learn the Be with your Body Practice so you can connect to your body.
  • Meet your body in a whole new way.
  • Listen to your body so you hear its messages.
  • Choose in favor of your body so you create more ease and joy.

 Jill Pagano shares her invaluable wisdom in a way that feels like she is sitting right next to you. Her non-judgmental and compassionate approach empowers you to discover this precious practice of create a more loving relationship with your body. Jill is clearly in love with the human body and she inspires you to be in love with your body too

~Susan Tate, author of Wellness Wisdom and Into the Mouth of Babes.


All The Tools You Need 

to Love your Body Once and For All.

Oct 01 - Dec 19, 2020


The Body Happiness Program is a 12-week program using mindset, mindfulness and movement to create a healthy and loving relationship with your body.

Jill’s signature curriculum is based on her book "Getting Happy with your Body: How to Live in, Learn from and Love your Body, Once and for All."  The course follows each chapter of the book and includes reading and journaling exercises, weekly group coaching and movement classes.

Twelve weeks total. Lessons and coaching runs for 3 consecutive weeks and the fourth week off in order to process and digest. *21-day guarantee. If after the first three weeks The Body Happiness program is not for you, please email Jill for a full refund.

Body Happiness Program, $899

Your 12-week course includes:

  • Weekly program video lessons (pre-recorded videos), nine in total.
  • Weekly one-hour group coaching calls (live & recorded) with Jill and your cohorts, 9 total.
  • One weekly somatic movement classes (12 total, live & recorded) that enhance what you are learning.
  • Kindle Edition of Jill's book Getting Happy with your Body,
  • Digital Download of the Getting Happy with your Body’s companion Kindle Journal.
  • Unlimited email access to Jill (24 hour turnaround time) for coaching.
  • Private Facebook group with your cohorts for support and encouragement.



** Three payments of $300 please can be easily arranged by emailing


Yes, I want Body Happiness

Body Happiness--VIP, $1275

Your 12-week VIP Experience includes:

  • Weekly program video lessons (pre-recorded videos), nine in total.
  • Weekly one-hour group coaching calls (in person and then recorded) with Jill and your cohorts, 9 total.
  • (VIP) 36 classes, Full Access to Club Jill  ( 3 weekly somatic movement classes, live and recorded classes)
  • (VIP) A signed copy of Jill's bookGetting Happy with your Body: How to Live in, Learn from, and Love your Body Once and for All.
  • (VIP) Three private coaching or personal training sessions.
  • Free Kindle version of Jill's book plus a digital download of the companion Kindle Journal.
  • Unlimited email access to Jill (24 hour turnaround time) for coaching.
  • Private Facebook group with cohorts for support and encouragement.
  • (VIP) Very own Wand of Self Love and Compassion!

** Three payments of $425 can easily be arranged, please email 

Yes, I'm ready to be a VIP


You are a kind, authentic, nonjudgmental and gifted mentor
as you teach and model how movement can be a mindfulness practice.
You are gifted at teaching me how to bring joy, self-acceptance,
and nurturing into my life. I'm so grateful!
Joy P., 48


Jill opened the door to acceptance, a way of dealing with the changes in my body and my age.She helped me change the self-image.

Thank you, Jill!
Sindy T., 55 


Wow! What a difference you have made in my life. You helped me replace the word "exercise" with "movement". You taught me that movement could be a playful and fun sensory experience that not only feeds my physical well-being but my emotional and spiritual self as well.

Kim R., 63